Why Are People Choosing Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Why Are People Choosing Non-Alcoholic Beverages

We live in a world where we have access to pretty much anything at our finger tips.  Something is happening in the non alcoholic beer world.  People are drinking them and the market is expanding at a very fast pace.

Experts are predicting a billion dollar increase a year for the next five years.  That is why you are seeing the largest players in the game expanding and quite frankly pushing the non alcoholic beer market into the the stratosphere.

Why is that?

The reason is complicated and quite simple at the same time.  The lockdowns and lack of social interaction immediately started to increase alcohol sales.  People had nothing to do. ‘Might as well drink’ type attitude.  Then the phenomenon really started.  People started to move away from alcoholic beverages.  It is a depressant and recent health reports were showing the adverse health effects of daily alcohol consumption.  These types of reports have been published about smoking for years but never about negative health impact of alcohol.

So, people started to explore other alternatives to alcohol.  Non-Alcoholic breweries, wineries and spirit makers all of sudden had a chance against “big brewery”.

Health Effects

Everyone who has drank to much alcohol at one point or another has experienced the dreaded hangover.  For eons people have been experimenting with the delicate balance of enough alcohol to catch that buzz but also not too excessively to wake up feeling hungover.

Then the reports leaking about how alcohol is linked to cancer. Consumers retreated and started to explore alternatives.

There in the corner is the quiet, shy little brother that no one paid attention to.  For years tasteless, fizzy beer like beverages had been sitting on the bottom shelf at the grocery stores until now.  
Breweries had that eureka moment that followed along with the craft beer revolution that we have all experienced over the past 15 years.

They were able to brew great tasting beer with little to no alcohol and a new industry has emerged.  At Designated Drinks we are constantly finding new microbreweries with maybe just a few non alcoholic beers in their portfolio.  Then there are a select few that only produce non alcoholic beer.  No longer a jack of all trades brewery.  These non alcoholic breweries have one thing in mind and one thing only.  Make the best tasting beer in the world and feed that new emerging market.

Where Will it Go?

As mentioned, experts are predicting large growth in the industry.  People are turning their nose to hangovers, high calories, and all the social problems that alcohol is known for.  But, who doesn’t like a cold beer on a sunny day.  Check out or selection of non and low alcoholic beers and you will quickly realize you can have a cold beer on a sunny day, drink as many as you want.  The best part is you you wake up feeling refreshed, energizes and probably looking for more brands, types and styles to try.

There you have it.  We now know why the industry is taking off.  Cheers to being an adult!! 

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