About Us


I loved beer.  I think I loved beer a bit too much.  

4 years ago, I decided I had used up my lifetime supply of beer tickets in my 20’s and 30’s and I was done with booze.

But I still loved beer and still wanted the social perks that go along with “having a cold one with friends.”

I discovered non-alcoholic beer and found the taste of beer was what I had been missing, not the affects of the alcohol. I was back!

So I began tasting and trying different brands and discovering ones I loved. 

The problem was finding the brands I wanted. I was constantly finding myself in the aisles of the liquor store and grocery store disappointed because they were either sold out of what I wanted, or didn’t carry it at all.  

I turned to the internet and easily found many breweries and brands who make non-alcoholic beers and drinks. Fantastic!

The only issue was, I quickly found myself ordering from several websites and often having to buy full cases when I just wanted a few sample cans or bottles. 

Designated Drinks was born. 

Founded in London Ontario, Designated Drinks is a one-stop shop for all your non-alcoholic needs. We specialize in non-alcoholic Canadian breweries and brands. 

No more disappointing trips to the store for your favourite non-alcoholic beer or mock tail. We have you covered! 

Designated Drinks is a family owned business. Started from a passion for good tasting clean fun and a love of entrepreneurship.

We are excited to see where this journey takes us, and we welcome you to come along! 


Mike, Founder