Discover the Benefits of Our Non-Alcoholic Beer for Your Restaurant

  • Welcome to Designated Drinks!

    Are you a restaurant owner who wants to offer your customers a wider range of beverage options? Do you want to tap into the growing market for non-alcoholic beverages? Look no further than Designated Drinks!

    We offer a range of non-alcoholic beer options that are perfect for restaurants and bars looking to expand their beverage offerings. Our selection includes:

    • Craft beers with bold, complex flavours that rival their alcoholic counterparts
    • Light beers that are perfect for sipping on a hot day or pairing with a meal
    • Lager beers that are refreshing and easy to drink
    • And much more!


  • Why choose Designated Drinks for your restaurant?

    • Our non-alcoholic beers are of the highest quality, made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure a great taste and experience.
    • We work with some of the best brewers in the industry to bring you the latest and greatest in non-alcoholic beer options.
    • Our beers are perfect for customers who are looking to cut down on their alcohol intake or who simply prefer non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to help you choose the perfect non-alcoholic beer options for your restaurant.


  • Don't miss out on the growing market for non-alcoholic beverages! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you expand your beverage offerings and attract more customers to your restaurant.

Want A Great Non-Alcoholic Beer Menu at Your Establishment?