5 Reasons to Try Non-Alcoholic Drinks

5 Reasons to Try Non-Alcoholic Drinks

1.  Low Calories.

Alcohol is notorious for calories.  They call it a "Beer Belly" for a reason.  Many Non Alcoholic Beers have less than 50 calories per can and most have under 25. Since drinking water can get boring and drinking pop isn't really the best thing for you.  Non alcoholic drinks are a perfect substitution.

2.  You Can Still Function.

With strict drinking and driving laws and the responsibilities that most of us have.  Non Alcoholic drinks are an excellent substitute.  You can drink as many as you want and not have to worry about having too much to drink and "Blowing Over".  Many times having a few day beers you end up on the couch and sleeping away the afternoon and not getting around to your household chores that you were planning on doing.  A added bonus is that Hops are a natural anti inflammatory so it is like having a little dose of Advil in every can. 

3.  Hangovers.

As we age our body has a harder and harder time processing alcohol.  Between the loss of sleep and the poor diet that over consuming alcohol often brings.  As an adult we have to do adult things.  7am kids hockey practice, a toddler who can't seem to figure out how to sleep in past 5am, the list goes on. We can promise that you wont get hung over from one of the delicious beverages that Designated Drinks offers.

4.  Hangovers.

I had to add it twice.  Did I mention that by consuming Non-Alcoholic beverages you won't get hungover.

5.  So Many Flavours and Brands.

Gone are the days of Molson Excel and O'Doules.  Just as the Craft Beer revolution is here to stay.  There is also a Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer revolution also brewing.  With so many Breweries and Styles out there you can get your hands on a hoppy IPA, chocolate stout, crisp lager all without leaving the couch. Check out all the choices here Products – Designated Drinks.  Our list of beers and breweries on board is growing weekly.

 There's the list of 5 things but I think I could make a list of 100 reasons why it is a good idea to give Non-Alcoholic Beers, Wines and Spirits a try!!

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