Canada’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

Canada’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

The quality of non-alcoholic beer has improved over the past couple years. It is an exciting time to be a part of all the great brands and products being introduced into the non-alcoholic beer space.  Competition is becoming fierce and the quality and brands are really upping their game to get their place as a market favourite.

The last thing I am is a beer snob.  I have been known to enjoy a PC Blonde and one point in my non-alcoholic beer journey, my go to was once PC Red.  Fast forward to to today…I am still not a snob.. I think I am just spoiled.  

It can be a challenge to pick just one so we decided to pick 5 top non-alcoholic craft beers.

When you own one of Canada’s largest non-alcoholic beer store you get to try a lot of different beers.  Pretty much every week I get a taster package sent to me from a brewery to sample and taste.  It is a tough job but someone has to do it!!

This list is certainly work in progress and I put it together by combining two key metrics:

1. Sales from Designated Drinks.

2. My personal Favourites.

Also, since I have 20,000 cans of beers of non-alcoholic beer at our warehouse and a fridge full at home. I feel like I am qualified enough to put together a list

Drumroll please…

5. Perth Brewery Play

Perth Brewery has nailed this one.  It is a clean crisp lager, and the Designated Drinkers love it.  Along with a cool looking can, a great name for a non-alcoholic beer.  The flavour, look and taste are fabulous. Check out Perth Brewery Play and get some in your fridge today!

4. Rorschach Adventure IPA

Rorschach Adventure IPA is one of our favorite's.  It has a balanced IPA flavour and just enough bittering hops and it is a customer favourite.  The can is very cool looking, and it complements the subtle notes that this Adventure IPA possess.  You can grab some here from our website.  Let the Aventure IPA journey begin

3. One For the Road Got Hops

The folks in Calgary know how to brew a great tasting non-alcoholic craft beer.  Got Hops is our best seller from One for The Road, and I think I know why.  It has the perfect amount of carbonation, a balance of bitter and sweet, the name and can are unique and craft looking.  We know people love this beer because we sell a ton of it.  Check out Got Hops here and get some hops in your fridge!!

2. Harmons Lunch Box Lagered Ale

We have customers all the time buying this beer from us.  It is one of the first ones I recommend people who are new to non-alcoholic beer.  I find it is smooth, clean and crisp and they have done an excellent job of creating a brand that is memorable.  The can very creative looking and the contents are simply delicious.  You can find Harmons Lunch Box here and we are sure you are going to love it.

1. Triple Bogey NA Premium Lager

For today I am willing to commit to a favourite beer.  But for this blog today I can today that I’m in to lagers right now and Triple Bogey has made a great one.  It has great flavour, a crisp finish that makes lagers so popular and being a golfer I can relate the to their name. I hope that Triple Bogey introduces a Hurry Hard non-alcoholic version of their beer soon.  You can get Triple Bogey here at Designated Drinks.

So there you have it.  Canada’s Best Non-Alcoholic Beers in a list according





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