Best Christmas Gift for Non-Alcoholic Beer Drinkers

Best Christmas Gift for Non-Alcoholic Beer Drinkers

With the Christmas season right around the corner, it has been said that Christmas is one of the hardest times to not drink alcohol with all the company parties and other festivities going on.

It can be a challenge. At Designated Drinks we understand that people want an alternative to alcohol certainly around Christmas, and so what we’ve created is a Non- Alcoholic Advent Calendar to countdown the days until Christmas. In other words 24 beers of Christmas! It is a great gift idea for yourself, loved one or a friend, it can help them on a journey of cutting back or cutting out alcohol in their life.

In the box you will receive 24 different and unique non-alcoholic craft beers.  IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts and Lagers. We feel that the range of flavours and tastes is quite diverse and each day you will get to try a new and different beer. The best part is you can have your beer any time of day!

I know that while I was drinking, I would really look forward to all of the alcohol related gifts throughout the Christmas season from friends.  Recently one of our customers reached out to us on our social and recommended that we create the Advent Calendar.  Since they exist in the alcoholic world, but not in the non-alcoholic world.  We loved the idea!  It is a interesting way of promoting not just the products and sales, but also it really showcases the variety of non-alcoholic craft beers on the market. And best of all it allows adults to act like kids! 

We hope that we can bring what the alcoholic breweries bring to their world during the Christmas season to the non-alcoholic beer world.  We also want to give the designated drinker's a conversation starter in a social setting.

I love showing up to a Christmas party with a cooler full of non-alcoholic craft beer, sparking up a conversation about what each beer tastes like, where I got it and the story behind it.  It can make the day or evening quite fun, and it allows me to be involved in the party without having to drink alcohol.  The best part is I can drink as many as I want, not be worried about the hangover and then drive home!!!

From my family to your family, wherever you are on this journey I hope we can add a little extra joy to the season. I wish you a very very merry Christmas and thank you for the continued support.

We certainly appreciate you and appreciate your business.



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