Why are Non-Alcoholic Drinks So Popular?

Why are Non-Alcoholic Drinks So Popular?

Gone are the days for terrible tasting non alcoholic beer.  The industry is perfecting taste, flavour, mouthfeel and texture of non alcoholic beer.  New recipes seem to be popping up every week.  Even the big boys have got on board.  Corona has introduced their version of non alcoholic beer called Sunbrew.  They even went the extra mile and added a vitamin D supplement.  Vitamins and Beer, together at last!!.

I had the opportunity to try Guinness’ version of 0.0% classic stout.  It isn’t available in Canada yet but it is on several shelves in Florida.  I found it very similar to the age old classic Guinness.

Budweiser has their Bud Zero, formerly Prohibition.

Heineken has their version of their classic recipe Heineken 0%

Obviously if these multi billion dollar conglomerates are exploring the no and low alcohol beer market they must know something that we do not.  My sources are telling me that it’s either one of two things, their sales are down (unlikely) or there is an emerging market that they are attempting to monopolize (probably).

At Designated Drinks we focus on showcasing and stocking small and medium sized non alcoholic Canadian breweries, wineries and distilleries.

We have tested and tasted several brands with amazing reviews on all them.  Yes, we have our favourites, but everyone’s taste and preferences are different.  So you can be the judge.

I found that when I used to drink beer with alcohol in it, the first few craft beers you could taste the subtle notes and delicate flavours but after a few glasses my senses became numb and I quickly lost my sense of fine taste.

I tried this experiment with non alcoholic beer and I was was pleasantly surprised to notice that can after can of samples I could still taste every flavour and I was not going numb due the lack of alcohol in the drinks.

This is how we came up with the sampler packs.  You get to try several beers and really get to enjoy the tastes from breweries all over Canada.

We are so happy to have you aboard on our journey and remember whatever your reason, Designated Drinks is here to provide you with the highest quality Canadian beers!!

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