Non-Alcoholic Beer in Restaurants and How to Break the Stigma

Non-Alcoholic Beer in Restaurants and How to Break the Stigma

When you're out for a meal or drinks at a restaurant or bar, it's common to order a beer. Whether you prefer a light beer or a dark brew, there's a wide variety of choices available. However, when it comes to non-alcoholic beers, many people feel uncomfortable ordering them or don't even realize they're an option. It's a phenomenon that's becoming increasingly prevalent, and it's time to explore why.

One of the main reasons people avoid ordering non-alcoholic beer is a fear of being judged by their friends or peers. Ordering a non-alcoholic beer can be seen as a sign of weakness, and many people worry that they'll be ridiculed for their choice. It's a shame, as there are many great non-alcoholic beers out there that are just as tasty and refreshing as their alcoholic counterparts.

Another reason for the reluctance to order non-alcoholic beer is that it's often not clearly displayed on the menu. Many restaurants and bars don't have a dedicated section for non-alcoholic beverages, and the options can be hard to find. Even when they are available, they may be listed in small print at the bottom of the menu, making them easy to miss. This lack of visibility can make people feel uncomfortable ordering non-alcoholic beer, even if they want to.

The rise of the craft beer scene has also contributed to the problem. Many people enjoy trying new and unusual beers, but this often means high alcohol content. As a result, non-alcoholic beer can be seen as boring or unadventurous. However, there are now many craft breweries producing non-alcoholic beer that are just as interesting and complex as their alcoholic offerings.

So, what can be done to encourage more people to order non-alcoholic beer when dining out? Firstly, it's important for restaurants and bars to clearly display their non-alcoholic options on the menu. This can be achieved by having a dedicated section for non-alcoholic beverages, or by listing them alongside the alcoholic options. Making non-alcoholic beer more visible can help to normalize it as a choice, reducing the stigma around ordering it.

Another approach is to offer non-alcoholic beer as a pairing with food. Just as wine can be paired with different dishes, non-alcoholic beer can also complement a range of flavors. By suggesting non-alcoholic beer pairings on the menu, restaurants can encourage people to try them out and discover their unique flavors.

Why Restaurants Don't Carry Non-Alcoholic Beer.

There's a real chicken-before-the-egg situation when it comes to non-alcoholic beer in restaurants. Many restaurants are hesitant to carry non-alcoholic beer because no one orders it. But customers don't order it because it's not widely available or clearly displayed on the menu.

Furthermore, many restaurants only carry the big brand names like Heineken or Budweiser Zero. While these may be popular choices, there are many other great non-alcoholic beers out there that could appeal to a wider audience if given the chance.

One of the reasons some restaurants don't carry non-alcoholic beer is the misconception that it's not profitable. However, with the growing demand for non-alcoholic options, it's becoming a missed opportunity for many businesses.

Another reason may be a lack of knowledge or education on non-alcoholic beers. Some restaurateurs may not be aware of the variety and quality of non-alcoholic options available, or how to properly store and serve them. This can lead to a less-than-ideal experience for customers who do decide to order a non-alcoholic beer.

What Can Be Done?

There are a few things that can be done to address the issue of non-alcoholic beer not being carried in restaurants.

Firstly, it's important for customers to ask for non-alcoholic beer when dining out. This sends a message to the restaurant that there is a demand for these options. Additionally, if enough people start asking for it, it could encourage the restaurant to add non-alcoholic beer to their menu.

Restaurants can also take the initiative to offer non-alcoholic beer, even if it's not a popular choice at the moment. By offering a variety of non-alcoholic options, they can attract customers who may not have considered their establishment before.

Education is another key factor. Restaurants can benefit from learning about non-alcoholic beers and how to properly store and serve them. This can lead to a better experience for customers and increase the chances of repeat business.

Finally, it's up to each of us to challenge the stigma around non-alcoholic beer. By ordering it ourselves and recommending it to others, we can help to normalize it as a choice. We can also educate ourselves on the many different types of non-alcoholic beer available, from IPAs to stouts, and appreciate the unique flavors they offer.

The reluctance to order non-alcoholic beer in restaurants and bars is a complex issue. It's fueled by a fear of judgement, a lack of visibility, and the perception that non-alcoholic beer is unadventurous. However, by making non-alcoholic options more visible, offering pairings with food, and challenging the stigma around them, we can help to make non-alcoholic beer a more accepted and celebrated choice.

Non-alcoholic beer drinkers are actually a higher value customer for many reasons. Firstly, non-alcoholic beer drinkers are able to consume more beer without the worry of getting drunk, meaning they are able to consume more beverages and spend more money in the process. This makes them a more valuable customer to the restaurant or bar, as they are more likely to spend more money on non-alcoholic beverages than a traditional beer drinker who is limited by their alcohol tolerance.

Secondly, non-alcoholic beer drinkers are often more health-conscious and are more likely to choose a healthier beverage option. They are not only concerned about the amount of alcohol they consume, but also the amount of calories and sugar they take in. This means they are more likely to choose a non-alcoholic beer over a sugary soda or calorie-heavy cocktail.

Lastly, non-alcoholic beer drinkers are often designated drivers or simply individuals who want to enjoy a night out without the risk of getting drunk or hungover. This means they are more likely to visit the restaurant or bar more frequently, as they are not limited by the need to stay sober or recover from a hangover. This translates to increased customer loyalty and repeat business, making non-alcoholic beer drinkers a valuable asset to any restaurant or bar.

Designated Drinks recognizes the value of non-alcoholic beer drinkers and is actively working to increase the availability of non-alcoholic beer in restaurants and bars across the country. By educating these establishments on the benefits of carrying a variety of non-alcoholic beer options, Designated Drinks is helping to create a culture that promotes responsible drinking and healthy beverage choices.

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