Warehouse Facility

At Designated Distributing, we redefine warehouse operations with a commitment to strategic excellence. Our warehouses go beyond conventional storage—they are integral components of an innovative, strategic approach to inventory management tailored for the non-alcoholic beverage industry.
  • Strategic Location, Seamless Distribution

    Our strategically located warehouse is the heartbeat of efficient distribution. Situated to cater to convenience stores, gas stations, and big-box retailers across Ontario, our location ensures timely deliveries and maximizes your products' reach in the market.

  • Exclusive Focus on Non-Alcoholic Excellence

    Designated Distribution is not just a warehouse; it's a commitment to non-alcoholic excellence. We exclusively warehouse and distribute non-alcoholic beer and ready-to-drink cocktails, offering a specialized service that caters directly to the growing demand for premium non-alcoholic options.

  • Advanced Inventory Management Systems

    Embracing technological innovation, our advanced inventory management systems ensure precision in tracking and organizing your products. This strategic approach allows for real-time visibility, reducing the risk of discrepancies and enhancing overall efficiency.