Warehouse Location

At Designated Distributing, our choice of location is a strategic decision that amplifies the benefits of our warehousing services. Here's why London, Ontario, stands out as an ideal hub for efficient and effective warehousing
  • Centralized Accessibility

    Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, London provides centralized accessibility to major transportation routes. This strategic positioning ensures that your non-alcoholic beverages are seamlessly connected to key markets, reducing transit times and enhancing the overall efficiency of our distribution network.

  • Proximity to Key Markets

    London's proximity to major cities, including Toronto and Detroit, positions us at the crossroads of essential markets. This strategic location facilitates quick and efficient distribution to urban centers, offering a competitive advantage for businesses looking to reach diverse consumer bases.

  • Transportation Infrastructure

    London boasts a robust transportation infrastructure, including well-maintained highways and proximity to international airports. This facilitates swift and reliable transportation of your non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring they reach their destinations with precision and speed.